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"The tang dao longquan high manganese steel hardness long self-defense pure manual collection treasure sword sharp objects is not edged usually

USD $65.31
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color classification
- +
Approx Weight:
500 g
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US $10005 to Americavia aliexpress
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Ships out within 2-4 days
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1 x $65.31 + $10005 = $10070.31
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color classification:
tang sword cross - battle of wits straps tang dao - the assassin straps tang dao - village are tang dao - a death 0.7 tang dao - somalia's soul 0.7 tang dao - a death 0.4 tang dao - somalia's soul 0.4 tang dao - blue ridge tang dao - black soul tang dao - touch gold tang dao - than ghost tang dao - shadow
  • color classification: tang sword - battle of wits straps tang dao - the assassin straps tang village is tang dao dao - - killing tang dao 0.7-0.7 tang dao rope soul - killing tang dao 0.4-0.4 tang dao rope soul - blue ridge tang dao - black soul jin tang dao tang dao - touch - wan tang dao ghost - shadow
  • scabbard material: annatto
  • item no: JCLDJ009
  • provinces: zhejiang province
  • calamity: n
  • blade Angle: more than 60 °
  • "Blade length (mm) : 720 - mm
  • blade material: high carbon steel

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